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Are YouTube Vimeo Ready to Replace Flash with HTML5 Video

YouTube and Vimeo Ready to Replace Flash with HTML5 Video?

I’ve been tracking HTML5 video regarding our future Web Video Player project, as HTML5 will most probably replace Flash video. Although Flash has been the primary method for web video for long time, the future of online video is HTML5. I have read a post on Microsoft official blog which shared the same opinion as […]

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HTML5 video and HTML video Review

HTML5 video and HTML video Review

Video is a very important element in websites that web designers and developers can’t ignore. Nowadays, we have different options for embedding video into HTML web pages. Website developers can design and style their own HTML video player, use free video widgets or purchase fancy players online. You can host your videos with your own […]

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Chrome HTML5 Support

Google Chrome HTML5 Support Details

Google Chrome is setting the standard in terms of HTML5 support. HTML5 Test site provides scores and rates for major web browsers here. Google Chrome HTML5 support is the best according to this HTML5 browser compatibility chart. Webmasters should keep an eye on the HTML5 elements’ performance on different web browsers, and prompt their site […]

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Enable HTML5 Videos on WordPress-MP4 WebM Ogg MIME Types Setup

Enable HTML5 Videos on Wordpress

Question: I have published some HTML5 video clips to my WordPress blog but my browsers refused to play the videos (MP4, WebM, OGG)? Everything seemed to be working just fine on my local machine, but I can’t get the HTML5 videos to work on my WordPress websites, MP4, WebM, OGG, none of them works. Want […]

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Add HTML5 Video to Moonfruit

html5 video to moonfruit tutorial

In a related HTML5 Video tutorial, we talked about how to add HTML5 video to WordPress blogs and websites. In this guide, we will guide you through the steps to add HTML5 video to Moonfruit websites and blogs. You can follow the tips bellow to add HTML5 videos to Moonfruit sites easily, so that your […]

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HTML5 video in Internet Explorer 9

HTML5 video in Internet Explorer 9

The codec selection is a long-standing challenge with HTML5 video. The present HTML5 draft specification refrains from mandating any particular codec, and it ends up with a schism. Mozilla Firefox and Opera have gotten behind Theora, citing its openness; Apple Safari and now Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 have gone for H.264. Google Chrome supports both […]

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Native or HTML5 Applications Development for Mobile

Native or HTML5 Applications Development

This question seems to be inevitable for all the application developer for the mobile industry, whether to develop or publish HTML5 app or native app. According to a research from IDC, there will be more than 1 billion HTML5-capable browsers in use throughout the world. Applications for those HTML5 browsers will be created by 2 […]

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Internet Explorer 9 HTML5 Support

IE9 html5 compatibility

In a previous post, we wrote about the Safari browser support to HTML5, this article will talk about the Internet Explorer 9 HTML5 support. We have put together all the details in a chart, bellow IE9 HTML5 support chart shows the HTML5 compatibility with IE9 browser, IE9 html5 video support, etc. Internet Explorer 9 HTML5 Support […]

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Understanding HTML5 Video

html5 video vs flash video

Understanding HTML5 Video –Why HTML5 Video and the way to use it? Overview: What is actually HTML5 video, and how could it be different through what you have been used? Any problems could HTML5 video possibly solve, and any issues with the HTML5 videos itself? Learn how you can make HTML5 videos and embed HTML5 […]

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iOS 5 HTML5 Support

Safari works on your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and PC. In HTML5 compatibility Safari shipped with iOS 5 wins all browsers for mobile and portable devices. A big improvement in iOS 5 is the HTML5 compatibility. iOS 5 HTML 5 compatibility revealed the major jump towards open source web standards from Apple. Safari was […]

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