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Safari HTML5 Support

HTML5 Safari Support and Compatibility

Are you running Safari on your iOS, Mac or Windows? Are you concerned about Safari HTML5 support? Great news for you as the latest Safari provides excellent support to HTML5 video and HTML5 audio. HTML5 Safari Support for Video/Audio Elements In fact, Safari was the first web browser to support HTML5 audio and video elements, […]

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Why and How to Build Mobile Friendly Websites

Nowadays mobile Internet usage is ramping up substantially faster than desktop Internet usage did. Mary Meeker, the head of Morgan Stanley’s global technology research team says mobile internet will soon overtake fixed internet. Because of this trend, it is vital for webmasters to develop mobile-friendly websites in order to gain much larger audience. Mobile advertising […]

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HTML5 Video Formats and Codec

HTML5 video formats mp4 webm ogg

When web masters working with HTML5 video, the most important thing they may want or have to know is the video formats and codecs for HTML5. So what are the HTML5 video formats and codecs? As of now, the three HTML5 browser supported video codecs are: MP4: MPEG 4 files with H264 video codec and […]

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HTML5 Video and Audio Elements in IE9

HTML5 is the future of the web. There’s been a lot of posting about HTML5 video and video formats on the web recently. The new HTML5 video and audio elements are two of the most anticipated features with HTML5. Internet Explorer 9 HTML5 support has been a hot topic around the web. In this article […]


HTML5 Video MIME Types Setup on Apache and IIS Servers

HTML5 Video MIME Types Setup on Apache and IIS Servers

Question: I love your HTML5 video player, easy to use and quick to publish HTML5 videos for my websites. Everything seemed to be in order when it was made, I can play the generated HTML5 videos locally without any problem. However, I am having trouble getting it to play on my websites? We have talked […]

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HTML5 History and Development

HTML5 History and Development

HTML5 continues to be the hottest buzzword around the web. You might not know very well what HTML5 exactly represents, but if you love Google’s doodles or perhaps Pandora’s internet radio stations, probably you have experienced its wonder features. We won’t travel as far back as the beginning. In this article we will give a […]

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HTML5 Video Player for Mobile Websites

html5 video for mobile sites

Are you looking for an html5videoplayer for mobile sites? You should definitely give a try to Socusoft HTML5 Video Player for your mobile websites video needs. In June 2012, we released the HTML5 Video Player for mobile websites. With this HTML5 video converter and encoder software, you can easily convert your source videos into HTML5 […]

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How to Convert WMV to Ogg/Ogv?

WMV, short for Windows Media Video, is developed by Microsoft. WMV was originally designed for Internet streaming applications. Windows Media Video (WMV) is the most recognized video format within the WMV family. Unfortunately it is not one of the standard HTML5 native video formats. New HTML5 web browser compatibility is really a challenge for those […]

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How to Convert WMV to MP4?

WMV, short for Windows Media Video, is developed by Microsoft. WMV was originally designed for Internet streaming applications. A WMV file is in most circumstances encapsulated in the Advanced Systems Format (ASF) container format. Although we will find them in .WMV extension, the file extension normally describes ASF files that use Windows Media Video codecs. […]

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Convert AVI to Ogg Ogv

AVI is a multimedia container format and file type. It was firstly introduced by Miscrosoft in 1992 and now AVI, a multimedia container format, becomes one of the most common video containers nowadays. W3C recently introduced HTML5 video in the HTML5 draft specification trying to establish a new standard of web videos and movies. Many […]

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