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Convert AVI to Ogg Ogv

AVI is a multimedia container format and file type. It was firstly introduced by Miscrosoft in 1992 and now AVI, a multimedia container format, becomes one of the most common video containers nowadays. W3C recently introduced HTML5 video in the HTML5 draft specification trying to establish a new standard of web videos and movies. Many AVI video owners might want to know if they can upload their AVI videos to the web and share with their friend. However the video formats supported in HTML5 web browsers WebM, OGG/OGV, MP4. Previously we have two online guide about converting AVI to HTML5 video formats, you can find them bellow:

How to Convert AVI to WebM for HTML5 browser?
How to convert AVI to MP4 for HTML5 browser?

In this article, we will show you how to convert AVI to Ogg/Ogv format which is a compact and low weight video format. Most of all, they are HTML5 web browser supported format.

Before we start the avi to Ogg/Ogv conversion, let’s take a look at the Ogg/Ogv video, as many of us may not be quite familiar with it.

Ogg is a free, open container format maintained by the Xiph.Org Foundation. The Ogg container format can multiplex a number of independent streams for audio, video, text, subtitles, and metadata. The .ogg filename extension was used for all files whose content used the Ogg container format before 2007. After 2007, a new set of file extensions and media types were created by the Xiph.Org Foundation to describe different types of content. For example, they made .oga for audio only files, .ogv for video with or without sound (including Theora), and .ogx for multiplexed Ogg. Today, video in Ogg is found with the .ogv file extension, which is formally specified and officially supported.

Ready to convert AVI to Ogg/convert AVI to Ogv now? Let’s follow bellow AVI to Ogg/Ogv converting steps. It would be easy and fun, takes just a few clicks but comes out with great video quality. All in all, the Ogg/Ogv is supported by HTML5 web browsers. We know what HTML5 is a hot and emerging technology nowadays.

How to Convert AVI to Ogg/convert AVI to Ogv?

Steps to convert video to HTML5 supported ogg/ogv formats.

1. Install and run AVI to Ogg/Ogv converter

HTML5 Video Player is the only AVI to Ogg/Ogv conversion tool you will need to use in this converting task. It is the HTML5 video converter that actually works. It provides the all cross platform solutions, works on both Mac and Windows.

You can Download AVI to Ogg/Ogv converter – HTML5 Video Player here.

2. Load AVI files to AVI to Ogg/Ogv converter

The video converter is easy to operate. It does a beautiful job and most of the operation can be done by drag-n-drop. You can drag and drop your AVI video to the AVI to Ogg/Ogv converting software to load AVI files for conversion. Alternatively you can click ‘Edit’ menu, then select ‘Add Videos’ to browse through your media folder on your computer hard disk.
Add AVI to video converter - AVI to Ogg Ogv converting Guide

Note: You are allowed to add multiple source videos into the converter.

3.Customize AVI files and choose a player theme for Ogg/Ogv video display

Click the ‘Theme’ tab to enter the video profile and theme selector panel. Choose a theme for your Ogg/Ogv video player first, then go to pick up the player skin and size, continue to set output size for Ogg/Ogv video. See screenshot of this AVI to Ogg/Ogv converter as bellow:

AVI to video converter - AVI to Ogg/Ogv converter theme preview

Note: No need to select Ogg/Ogv as output video format. After the conversion, your AVI videos will be converted into three different copies in mp4, ogv and Ogg/Ogv formats separately. Why is that? You can check out this tutorial:How to Maximize HMTL5 video Compatibility?

4. Converting AVI to Ogg/Ogv

This is the last steps to finish the AVI to Ogg/Ogv conversion. Before you hit the ‘Publish’ tab to finalize the AVI to Ogg/Ogv converting, you can click the ‘Preview’ button to preview your AVI in Ogg/Ogv format. Please note the preview function will only convert a very small part of your source AVI into Ogg/Ogv format. It is because we realized that many users might need to change the video settings many times before they find the satisfied videos and settings. So once you are satisfied with the previewed video, go to click ‘Publish’ button to convert AVI to Ogg/Ogv.

Is that all?

Now I you know the video converter is good for converting AVI videos to the Ogg/Ogv format that you want. Maybe you are interested in uploading the generated video clips to your websites or bloggers so you can share them with others around the web. As we mentioned before, the video conversion tool outputs different HTML5 video formats, that’s to say your online video will have the maximum browser and device support, even on mobile phones and portable devices.

It is really cool, isn’t it?  Now you can take a look at :
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Now you know how to convert AVI to Ogg/convert AVI to Ogv and upload them onto websites!

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