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I just bought your html5 video player and the video preview doesn’t work properly. I thought the initial problem was because I was using the demo, but even not after I have registered with my Licence. When I press Preview button, it only plays several seconds not the whole video.

Preview HTML5 Videos within HTML5 Video Converter

The HTML5 Video Player has made the preview limited to 6 seconds for each html5 video. With the video preview feature, users do not have to publish every time in order to see the changes to the html5 videos and players. However as video converting takes time, especially for lengthy HD videos, although HTML5 Video Player can convert videos blazing fast, far better than many video tools. Also another noteworthy issue with HTML5 video is that you have to convert 3 different copies for the same video, MP4, OGG and WebM. As there is not universal video format/codec for HTML5 video, these three video types are the current HTML5 video types supported by modern HTML5 browsers. Each video type may work with certain browser, but not another. So we limit the html5 video preview to the first 6 seconds for each.

Preview HTML5 Videos on Browsers

HTML5 Video Player allows you to preview your HTML5 videos and players with your browsers before publishing them to your hard disk.

From the top right corner, there is an option Open with browser, you can choose your installed desktop browsers and preview your HTML5 videos. You can preview it with web browsers such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

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