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How to make HTML5 videos for iPhone playback?

*In this easy iPhone HTML5 video tutorial for beginners, we assume that you have iPhone HTML5 video player installed. If not, you can download the html5 video for iPhone tool here.

Step 1 - HTML5 video for iPhone

Launch the iPhone HTML5 video converter. Drag and drop your video file into this application. Repeat this step to add other videos if need. You can click to select a video clip then click the UP or Down button to rearrange the video playlist on the left.

HTML5 video iPhone

Step 2 - HTML5 video for iPhone

You like a stylish video player for your HTML5 iPhone video display, right? Now click Theme tab to open up the video player theme list.

html5 video themes setting for iPhone display

Step 3 - HTML5 video for iPhone

It is time for video size now. This HTML5 video player allows users to customize video/player size for best display result on different devices. Bear in mind you may get conceptually different UI than desktop browsers if you browse your html5 video from mobile devices due to their touch controls, small screens and hardware buttons.

You can choose from a preset video size, say 640*360P just as an example. You can also manually type in any video size. See the screen shot as bellow:

Step 4 - HTML5 video for iPhone

Now we are ready to publish the HTML5 iPhone video. Hit the Publish button on the lower right corner.

Step 5 - HTML5 video for iPhone

Go to the top menu bar, click HTML5 >> Open Output Folder, here you get your iPhone HTML5 video player files. Upload them to your server via whatever FTP program you use.

Step 6 - HTML5 video for iPhone

Load the HTML5 video on your iPhone web browser. You are done!

Now you know how to convert your videos to HTML5 videos and customize them with beautiful players for the playback on your iPhone. Want to try it by yourself, free download this iPhone HTML5 video program bellow.

download html5 video iPhone player