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Webm Converter OS X troubleshooting

I am running a Webm Converter on OSX,but have trouble displaying the poster image on IE 9. Does your Webm Converter OS X have this problem?

No. Our Webm converter Mac does not have this issue. It’s true that many webm users find this bug/issue on IE 9 browser when they deploy their webm videos into websites. The inconsistent IE 9 support to HTML5 has caused some problems. There are some known issues such as the IE 9 HTML5 Video Player Control & Compatibility issue here , Why does IE block the HTML5 video here , etc.

Still have the trouble to make the webm video poster picture to work on IE9? Give a try to our webm converter for OS X, you will be able to create the webm video galleries with the best cross browser compatibility.

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