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Video Player Autoplay Option >> WebM MP4 Converter Autoplay

The autoplay is one of the most desired features in Webm MP4 converter. We have enabled this option in this Webm MP4 converter.

You can easily turn on or turn off the webm mp4 video auto-run feature now. You can run the video converter for HTML5 browser, then go to the Theme tab from the upper left corner. After that you should see a list of available video player themes and templates. Bellow the themes there are several most frequently used functions, one of them is the autoplay. See bellow figure.

Webm MP4 Converter

By enabling the video auto-run, your video player will automatically play the video clips when your website visitors open up your web page on their computers. However this does not affect the iOS devices users. Why the video players can’t autoplay on iOS devices even if I have set autoplay with the webm mp4 converter? We have this issue covered in this page: HTML5 Video Autoplay on iPad and iPhone

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