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HTML5 Video Troubleshooting >> Webm Player Converter Upload

Sometimes you may find that your video player works fine on Firefox, IE and other browsers, however after you upload the video player to your web server it stops working. Mostly likely the issue arises from the uploading of the Webm player converter.

So where should I upload the generated HTML5 video player files to? What folder should the generated player files saved in exactly? Where to upload the generated HTML5 video player files?

The video player files should be uploaded to the same folder with your web page on your server. From the output folder of HTML5 Video Player, you will find each video player generated was put into individual folders. For each video player comes with four subfolders and two files as you can see from bellow image:

webm player converter files

If you have the following folders and files on your server for example:

webmplayer (a sub-folder containing bellow two files)

If you want to add the webm player to:

index.html page : upload the generated files to the root directory on your server
webmplayer1.html page: upload the generated files to the ‘webmplayer’ sub-directory on your server

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